Luc Bergeron compiled snippets from 233 videos on YouTube into a 6 minute and 45 second masterpiece. I recommend watching in full-screen.

When I sent the link to this video to someone I know, I wrote:

And [the clips] are damn inspiring. Humans are fucking awesome. And having fun is nice. And doing things that make you happy is nice. And living your life and realizing the potential for greatness and beauty is great. And there is so little damn time to spend feeling bad and discouraged.

I added:

I know this might seem like a fleeting inspiration felt by this guy who’s sitting in his apartment late at night feeling a rush from watching the videos other people made. But it really is inspiring and I don’t think it’s fleeting. Some of the videos are extreme, some of them are happy, some are heart-explodingly touching.

The song in the video is also kick-ass. Elea by Worakls.