Day 2. Ventilation

I was inspired by Stephen Hacket’s post on the start of his fourth “Project 365”.

The general idea is to take one photo per day for a year. It seems implicit that you take the photo with some intention of making it the day’s photo for the project. There are no hard rules though, and it’s probably okay to choose one that you took for some other reason. But I will avoid doing that and try to intentionally take a photo for the project each day.


  1. Take a photo each day.
  2. I won’t necessarily post the photos each day. I will do my best to post daily, but I might save up a week’s worth and post them on the weekend. That said, the photos have to be taken (as indicated by EXIF data) on their respective days.
  3. Photos receive minor edits at most before posting. I can spend a lot of time tweaking select photos in Lightroom, but I don’t want this project to become a time suck.
  4. I will take photos using my Canon EOS 650D whenever I can, but if an opportunity presents itself and I take a nicer or more worthy photo with the iPhone, that is acceptable.

I will post the photos to my Project 365 2015 album on Flickr.

Update (16/04/2015)

I stuck with it according to the rules until mid-April. I think April 12th was the first day of the year where I didn’t take any photos. A day or two of no-photos followed. I haven’t decided whether I will leave the project at this stage and start again in earnest next year, or modify rule No. 1 to make it so that I will end up posting one photo for each day, even if some were taken on the same day.

It’s a shame it fell through, but it was fun challenging myself to take photos that were good enough to edit and post every day for three and a half months. It has made my photography better.