Tons of great music this month. All thanks to Beats 1. I’ve been really pleasantly surprised with how good their music choices are. Most of the music they play is not the kind of music I would voluntarily take the time to check out, but that’s the point. It’s out of my comfort zone, and as a result, I’ve come out with some really great albums this month.

My pick from my album is “Pedestrian at Best”. Really fun and quick track.

My pick from the album is “Little Monster”.

You Walk Through Walls is a more mellow Failure combined with Hum. The vocals are calm and subdued, and are there to serve and complement the instruments, not the other way around. If you squint your ears you might hear some God is an Astronaut influence in the music, but I’m not sure about that part.

Beautiful Cuban music. You should really listen to “Chan Chan”.

Playful, crisp, seductive music. Glass Animals is a perfect name for the band. One commenter on their page said “Like a lost Alt-J album”. I see where they’re coming from, except it’s much, much better. This is unlike any other music I’ve listened to, and it’s so great.

You must listen to “Black Mambo”, “Gooey”, but if neither one of those, then definitely “Toes”:

Put your hand down, boy
Welcome to my zoo
Put your head inside
My big black wild while
I can still help you

See the snake-baboon
Funky, chic and smooth
Honey can you spy
The divine ape-swine
‘Cause he can see you

I’m a man, I’m a twisted fool
My hands are twisted, too
Five fingers to black hooves
I’m a man, don’t spin me a lie
Got toes and I can smile
I’m crooked but upright

The Recently posts are inspired by Tom MacWright.