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I put some time into pushing a few updates to my Visualize MailMate bundle.

I didn’t know any javascript before starting Visualize, except for the little I wrote without understanding when learning d3.js. Visualize is my way of learning javascript by doing. I think there are some weird things about javascript, and it’s not something I want to master, but it’s good to know.



Lots of music this time, which I’m happy about.

I can recommend one really good album I listened to since the last Recently:

“Conditions Of My Parole” by Puscifer (2011).

Conditions Of My Parole

And also these songs from their respective albums:

Salut Les Copains and Le Project Citron by Eux Autres on Hell is Eux Autres (2004).

Hell is Eux Autres

When That Helicopter Comes by The Handsome Family on In the Air (2000).

In the Air

It’s gonna rain champagne
And the hills are gonna dance
There will be power in the blood
When that helicopter comes

The sky will swim in lightning fire
And the trees will shake and scream
There will be power in the blood
When that helicopter comes

Rocks are gonna roll uphill
And the sun will dive in the sea
There will be power in the blood
When that helicopter comes

The dead are gonna wake and sing
And spin their bones in the grass
There will be power in the blood
When that helicopter comes

Lizard by The Handsome Family on Wilderness (2013).


The lyrics tell a fascinating story, with lots of room for imagination and interpretation.

Granny Green was stooped as a windblown branch
She lived high in the bramble forest
Once a fortnight, if the moon shone right she came down to our little village
She brought blackberries and willow bark, mandrake root and mushrooms
And it was said she spoke the tongue of birds
And understood the river’s whispers
Now several girls among our town by a golden lizard they were bitten
And those sweet girls lay stiff in their beds like frozen ice up on the branches

Granny Green mixed a tonic for their ills but it was such a bitter tonic
All who drank began to dance and could not stop their dancing
But none would have danced one sinful step
If that old crone had not bewitched us

How we leaped and pranced and cackled, the whole town writhing madmen
And so desperate grew some to still their feet they dove into the raging river
Still we danced on day and night till our fine clothes were torn and ragged
And crying out, “Oh, Lord, make us stop!” we danced naked round the chapel

How Granny laughed to see such sin.
“It’s just water,” she said, “in my tonic!”
But all cried out, “She lies! She surely lies!” and chased her deep into the bramble
But like the four winds she disappeared
Though we searched round and round the branches
Rolling in leaves and naked ‘neath the trees we lost the way back to our village
But I swear we were all pure of heart till that old crone did bewitch us
And I know we will all go home, when the good lord returns to save us

The Recently posts are inspired by Tom MacWright.