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I released simplestatistics 0.1.5, with added functions for:

  • factorial()
  • choose()
  • binomial() to calculate binomial distribution probabilities.
  • normal() to calculate normal distribution probabilities.
  • kurtosis() to calculate kurtosis/”tailedness” of a probability distribution of a variable.
  • skew() to calculate Pearson’s moment coefficient of skewness.
  • linear_regression() to calculate slope (m) and y intercept (b) of line of best fit.

And reorganized and improved documentation for all functions.

On the currently-not-open-source front, I rejuvenated an old iOS Swift project that I wrote to be able to see and edit my task list on my phone. I use t to manage my todos, and named the iOS app accordingly.

The project was a good excuse for me to learn Swift, iOS programming, and the Dropbox iOS SDK as well as get a taste of the challenges of writing software that edits files and syncs them over the network while avoiding sync conflicts and out-of-date UI (brief report: the challenges are considerable).

I’m still figuring out background fetch, but overall it’s been fun and a success.




Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” by Alberto Iglesias (2011)

LateNightTales: Bonobo” by Bonobo (2013)

The Recently posts are inspired by Tom MacWright.