New light, Seattle


To get started on some of the themes I have in mind for this year, I started learning and writing some Haskell. It’s not like the languages I’m used to writing, and it’s fun how it bends my mind and turns it inside out.

I’m solving Project Euler problems using Haskell, and I’ve already finished four of them. Four whole problems. There are currently 619 problems in the project.



  • Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell.

    Russell’s writing is the simplest, the most straightforward I’ve ever read. Published in 1930, but it might as well have been written two years ago. The problems are the same, and the things we get unhappy about are the same. It might not tell you much you don’t already know, but there’s a difference between what you know that you know, and what you know.


Trespassers William - Different Stars (2002)

If you pick only one album to try, pick this one.

Different Stars

“Soon It Will be Cold Enough” by Emancipator (2008)

Soon It Will be Cold Enough

“Thao & Mirah” by Thao & Mirah (2011)

Thao & Mirah

“Like the Linen” by “Thao Nguyen” (2005)

Like The Linen

“Art:Work” by ANIMA! (2017)


“ALONE OST” by Rob Allison (2014)

The soundtrack from the game Alone by Laser Dog. Alone is one of the first games by Laser Dog that I played, but I like all of their games. Each game is different from the rest, but they all share a recognizable artistic happy core.