Take no one’s word for it is written by me, Sherif Soliman. I was born in Egypt, raised in the Middle East, educated in Canada, and now work and play with code and data in Seattle, WA.

I write about a mix of technical and non-technical topics. You can see a complete list of posts on the Archive page.

If you have any feedback, criticism, or thoughts to discuss, email is best. Twitter is second best. I’m a big fan of people getting in touch and am always interested in sincere conversations.

While reading any of my writing, I hope you will keep two things in mind:

  1. I always assume I could be wrong. If you think I am, please tell me.

  2. I try to change my mind often, which means some of the posts, especially the older ones, could be outdated versions of what I do or think.

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This site

This static site was made using Jekyll. I started off with the default theme and then made css/sass and layout modifications. I also use bigfoot for footnote formatting and popups.