'what we say in private' album cover.

I discovered this album when I bought [The Execution of All Things][] CD and Saddle Creek records included a thank you note and a postcard with the album art of what we say in private. Something about that warms my heart.

The first track on the album starts with some electronic music that’s the opposite of what you’d expect, and you’re not wrong to not expect them, because there is nothing like those first few seconds again on the entire album. It’s a strange decision. But that part quickly ends and the rest all makes sense. It still weirds me out whenever I relisten to the album from start to finish.

A lot on this album feels unintentional or improvised, and I like that, although it doesn’t always work well. More often than not it does work though, and when it does you realize just how good the lyrics are. If anything I think the lyrics are sometimes let down by the music.

“wild heart”

God watches over us in disbelief
And I take your head with my hand
A ring of dancers form around the house
To surround us and I pray that every door is shut
But in my heart, I know that any woman bound to enter will

Long live the wild heart, babe
Always groping for answers
Hungry for experience
Always touching the neighbour

“what makes me sad”

What makes me sad is I can’t
What makes you sad I don’t know
But if your eyes well up at the thought of it
Well that’s a sure way to know

“the dancer”

Some days I feel like dancing
But some days I don’t
Some days I just sit and watch
The sun dancing through my window

Some days I am a daisy
Dancing with the breeze
But some days I am the foot
That has to step on everything
Everything, everything

Even on clear days, your judgment is cloudy
Even on clear days, you’re expecting thunder and rain
Even on clear days, your judgment is cloudy
Even on clear days, even on clear

You should listen to it.

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