'Far Enough' album cover.


And it might be hopeless but if I lose hope
I bring on that ending

Everything on this album is great, but the singing is what will stick in my mind forever. Jenny McKechnie is one of the best vocalists I’ve discovered in a long time. Her range, how she can go from quiet to growly, either suddenly or more gradually than you thought was possible. Her control of her vocals is perfect. Apparently, they’re punk. At first I didn’t see it, I thought there were parts that sounded too controlled and beautiful to be punk, and I don’t remember the last time a punk song lyric left made me feel as uplifted as the first chorus of “Hope” does (quoted at the top of this note).

But. But you can listen to (or watch) the last chorus on “Sandcastles”, and it is very punk.


You don’t do anything because you know that people like you they
just don’t do anything at all
but tear each other down

Who knows. Punk, like all genres, and almost all things, is difficult to define. Anyway, I think what I’m trying to say is that you should listen to it.

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